7th Grade Religion: 

We will be using the Alive in Christ series. We will study: Revelation, The Trinity, Jesus Christ, The Church, Morality, Sacraments, The Kingdom of God, and The Holy Spirit. In addition, we will be studying from the Altaration and Decision Point books. 

Fr. Stack will meet with the class on the first Tuesday of the month.

The students will complete a saint presentation to help them begin thinking about a saint name for Confirmation. I would like them to have a pretty solid idea of their Confirmation Saint name by May 3, 2019. 

Stewardship Opportunity - 

Ideas for Stewardship Hours

Serving and caring for God’s creation can include people, animals and the earth. Possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

      Vacation Bible School

  • Sanctuary Decorating
  • Altar Server
  • Parish Festival
  • Halloween Trunk or Treat
  • Fish Fry
  • Cooking/Baking for various parish fundraisers or activities
  • Landscape clean-up
  • Animal Shelter
  • All-Play Baseball for Special Needs Children
  • Special Olympics
  • Soup kitchen
  • Yard work for a neighbor
  • Cleaning house for an elderly person
  • Babysitting non-family member (without pay)
  • Roadside clean-up with a team or organization
  • Salvation Army
  • Build a wildlife mini-habitat in your backyard

Helpful Websites

Catholic Prayers and Practices

St. Stephen Home


St. Stephen's Youth Group


Dates to Remember:

Sept. 7/8 - 7th Grade Confirmation Mass of Enrollment - There will be a special blessing at all Masses on Sept. 7/8 for 7th graders who are preparing for Confirmation. Candidates are asked to sign the book on the table in the Gathering Space after Mass that weekend. 

Edge Youth Group for grades 6-8 - EDGE will meet weekly on Tuesday nights during the school year from 6:30-8 PM in the Dining Room/Cafeteria. Bring a friend! Food and fun will be provided! Free of charge! FIRST MEETING - September 12, 2019!!

Students may bring friends who are not Catholic. 

May 5/6 Confirmation retreats. This is an archdiocesan requirement. No supplies required. Snacks provided. Free Dress. Please leave all electronics at home. 

Stewardship Hours for 2019/2020:

 – At least 10 hours (5 within the parish, 5 in the community)

–  First 5 hours due December 6, 2019; total hours (10) due May 1, 2020


7th and 8th grade Confirmation candidates are asked to do 10 hours of stewardship (service) and reflect on what they learned about their gifts and how God is working in their life.  Please complete the Stewardship Reflection below to guide you in your reflection for each service opportunity and help come up with new ways to serve the Lord.  Stewardship Reflections can now be filled out and turned in on-line!!  To access the Stewardship Reflection form, please click on

Confirmation Stewardship Reflection On-line form 

*NEW*  Stewardship Reflection form can also be reached by typing in http://tinyurl.com/SSMlovetoserve.

This form is ONLINE ONLY.  Form available on the Stephen.org website. Paper forms will no longer be accepted by RE or school teachers or by the office. The new form is similar to previous years, however now a PDF of the student’s answers will be automatically emailed back to the student/parent when the form is submitted. Misplaced or forgotten forms will now be a thing of the past!

What is the benefit? Student  accountability: Most of our teens have access to smartphones, ipads, or computers. This will allow them to easily fill out and submit their forms and end the “Paper shuffle”.  

It is the responsibility of the student, with guidance from parents, to find and complete the required hours as well as keep track of your hours. Your teacher will not be able to tell you how many hours you've completed. Opportunities within the parish and community will be posted in the bulletin and RE/school newsletters throughout the year. These are suggestions only. Students may perform stewardship hours anywhere in the community.  Questions?  Please contact Katie Corrigan or Angie Gross, Confirmations Coordinator, at k.corrigan@stephen.org or a.gross@stephen.org or 402-861-4510.

7th graders should work on choosing their patron saint and Confirmation sponsor. 


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