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Welcome to 8th grade Religion

Welcome to the start of a new school year! This year, students will meet daily to learn more about the Catholic faith. We will be using the Alive In Christ book along with the Catechism and The Holy Bible. This course follows the Archdiocesan religion curriculum guide for choice of content and is a core class that runs through the entire school year. The students will also use the YOUCAT (Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church). Fr. Stack will visit the class on the first Tuesday of the month for 30 minutes.


We will study Church History, The Kingdom of God, Sacraments, Morality, The Church, Trinity, Jesus Christ, and Social Justice. We will also discuss parables, miracles, The Ten Commandments and The Beatitudes.

General Rules:

Respect - self, others, property

Be an active participant

Follow school and classroom rules and procedures

Act appropriately and courteously at all times

Materials Needed for Class Every Day:

Religion textbook (Alive in Christ  (Our Sunday Visitor Publishers) Copyright 2014), Religion notebook (must be a 3 subject), homework, black and red pen, yellow highlighter.

Assignments and Tests:

Tests will be given at the end of each chapter and unit. There will be a review in class. Tests/quizzes will be taken from the text, notes taken in class and any notes given by Fr. Stack.

Students are responsible for taking notes, which are provided in class. Notes will be checked.

Test format is multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, matching, short answer and essay. No retakes will be allowed.


The students can expect homework 3-4 times a week. Names and proper headings will be expected on all papers. Incomplete homework will not be accepted.

All homework is expected to be turned in the very next class unless a different date is given in class.  If the student does not have the work to hand in on time during class, they will earn a tally mark on their behavior card. Five tally marks for missing homework equals one demerit. Student can expect a 10% grade deduction for late work.

Late Work/ Absent Students:

If a student is absent due to an illness, allowance is made to get work completed and turned in, one day per each day absent. The student is responsible for checking the work and showing it to the teacher within the time frame. If they need more time, please visit with me and we can make accommodations. If a student has a planned absence then they should get their work before they leave and all work is due the day they return. This includes being prepared for any tests or quizzes. Work may be provided before trips with advanced notice of at least 3 days. There may be additional work assigned and two additional days will be provided to make up any of the work which was not provided before the absence.


I use a point system for all grades. Daily work will be worth 5 points and up. Tests are worth a variety of points depending on the makeup of the test.


Student behavior expectations are discussed in class the first week of school. SSM uses the Boys Town Model to teach skills that will benefit students of all ages. These skills cover such basics as how to greet others, following directions, disagreeing appropriately and many others. Students are expected to participate by volunteering to read in class, answer questions, work with their peers in a Christian manner, and complete assignments on time.

Parent Assistance:

Students at this age should be able to complete the daily work with very minimal assistance from parents. Projects should also require little parental involvement beyond helping with any supplies the child may need to secure.

Extra Credit:

There may be extra credit questions offered periodically on tests throughout the year. These questions will often times come from a reading at Mass or something that the presiding priest shares with the students during the Mass, or during a classroom visit. Extra credit will be offered as a whole class opportunity only. Students should not expect to retake a test for a better grade. The same goes for redoing homework assignments. Students should not count on extra credit to bring their grade up. I am trying to prepare the students for their future. I want them to put their best effort into their school work the first time it is given to them.

Special Projects:


Please use Sycamore as a way to keep up on how your child is doing academically. Assignments are not posted online. It is important for middle school students to learn responsibility, and one of the ways that they will do this in middle school is being responsible for recording assignments in their assignment notebook. You can expect grades to be posted within the week of the assignment/test if it is turned in on time. Please keep in mind that there may be times where not many changes will be made to the grades due to longer projects, shortened weeks, etc. Please do not expect grades to be updated daily.

Remember: Be organized! Stay on task! Be Positive! Ask me for help! I want to help you succeed!

Please contact me at my email address at any time with your questions/concerns.

Mrs. Mabeus


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